El Punto

In 2011, USMC began to develop the idea of creating a space in Ciudad Juárez to promote the culture of peace and serve vulnerable populations. The ideal place was identified in El Chamizal, a crossroad between the Northeast, Center and Northwest areas, known for being inhabited by two socioeconomic levels. It was soon seen that this land could connect the areas and promote social cohesion.


Since 2016, the maintenance and security of this space have become one of USMC’s ongoing activities after building a monument in honor of Pope Francis’s visit in February 2016 on the El Punto property, which has attracted nearly 112,000 visitors from across the globe.

In October 2018, USMC received the property located in El Chamizal on loan to create the El Punto Community Center.

El Punto was the venue for the Pope Francis’ visit to Ciudad Juárez in 2016.


Tree planting

More than 200 trees were planted at El Punto; they are watered with the drip irrigation system installed on the property.


Earth blocks

USMC acquired a machine to make earth blocks at El Punto.


Independence Day

Celebration of the Proclamation of Mexico’s Independence at El Punto, gathering more than 150,000 people in a safe and secure space.


Aquí Aquí

Planning of a modular monument construction project at El Punto to build community.

What’s new at El Punto

Thanks to EarthinBlocks
We thank EARTHInBLOCKS, a company that manufactures building materials using compressed earth. …

Aquí Aquí is the El Punto community center, comprising a colossal group of concrete elements that twist and turn with ease to establish a variety of multifunctional meeting spaces.

It is a living sculpture designed to thrive on community input and arouse curiosity—download PDF for further details.

El Punto Partners