Culture, Education, and Children

Let’s go to the movies

Program offering low-income children the opportunity to go to the movies for free with access to free food and transportation, benefitting more than 22,000 children.

ECommunity and Cinépolis Foundation partnership; 2012 to date.

BioBi-nationalization of the Esperanza Azteca Orchestra and Choir

More than 700 children have participated in the orchestra. More than 120 musical instruments—in perfect condition—have been donated to the orchestras to develop their talent for their own benefit and that of the community. The USMC has helped the Esperanza Azteca orchestra and choir obtain more than 300 Mexican passports and visas to enter the United States.

Thanks to USMC’s support, the orchestra and choir have traveled to California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona in the United States.

With Esperanza Azteca. 2012 to date.

Esperanza Azteca Choir Musical Training

UMSC took the lead in bringing in teachers to raise the level of the Esperanza Azteca choir by offering special classes for talented children who received scholarships.

With Esperanza Azteca; 2019.

VALUES Project

Books on values distributed TO Ciudad Juárez elementary schools, free of charge.

In collaboration with the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez, the Mexican Consulate in El Paso, Texas and other CSOs; 2017.

USMC Paco el Chato

Provision of computers to care centers in vulnerable communities for children ages 4 to 12. USMC circulates an online tool that helps children and teens do their homework and provides training on how to use the tool containing programs published by the Secretariat of Public Education. USMC promotes Paco El Chato among maquiladora workers.

In collaboration with the Chihuahua State Government; 2016-2018.

Child Welfare Centers

Providing infrastructure, equipment, and training to more than 70 child welfare centers caring for maquiladora workers’ children, among others, benefiting 2,008 children in the different centers.

Agreement with the Chihuahua State Government. 2016-2018.

To provide infrastructure and equipment to seven care centers for children ages 4 to 12 located in the industrial area adjacent to San Isidro, Municipality of Ciudad Juárez.

Agreement with the IENova Foundation; 2016-2018.